Heritage Lodge No.63

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Jan 08th    B/G                            D.D.G.M. Official Visit.

                                                     Balloting.  Exams. Education.     

Jan 22nd   Emerg.                      No Meeting (Degree Cancelled)

Feb 12th                                      Family Day (No Meeting)

Feb 26th   B/G                            Enlightenment Evening.

Mar 12h    B/G                            Step Up Night. M/M Degree.

                                                      (Marcellus and Tan)

Mar 26th   Emerg.                      M.M. Degree

                                                      (Leones and Dulinas)

April 09th  B/G.                           Elections. Balloting. Education.

April 23rd  Emerg.                      Enlightenment Evening.

May 14th   B/G                            Installation. D.D.G.M

                                                      Official Visit

May 28th   Emerg.                      M/M Degree.

                                                      (Yates and Carvalho)

June 11th   B/G.                           Old Timers  BBQ.

Heritage Lodge No 63

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